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Whether parrot or budgie, offers a broad variety of durable, high-quality products such as bird cages for all sizes and types of commonly domesticated bird, helping you to fill your home with colourful plumage and musical birdsong. Whatever your specific needs, we have products in a choice of styles, colours and options to ensure that you can find the right accessories for your bird in your home.


At we understand that domesticated birds need all the attention and excitement we can give them. A great cage,with plenty of space and all the necessary features, will help a bird to feel comfortable and content, whilst toys, feeders and perches will help give your bird plenty of stimulus during its daily routine. A bath to help it keep clean and well-groomed will let your bird look its finest all year round, whilst perches and swings made of natural materials give it a familiar and reassuring environment.


Whether free-flying in a room or permanently caged, your bird needs somewhere to make its nest. The right cage is very important, and small or poorly-designed bird cages can cause distress and discomfort to any bird, leading to moulting, loss of plumage and general ill-health, as well as unpleasant temperaments and vicious behaviour. A bird with plenty of room to move is a happy bird, and will stay healthy, cheerful and friendly and so a spacious bird cage is a great investment. Naturally it is a little harder to provide space for a large bird like a parrot than it is a little one like a budgie, but dedicating space to your feathered friend is a worthwhile choice that will result in a great atmosphere and a happy animal. We offer a range of cages, including small free-standing cages for little birds, medium-sized cages for larger creatures, and rolls of safe, bird-friendly aviary mesh for you to create your own self-defined aviary space, whether sectioning off an area indoors or covering a whole garden for your bird to fly freely in.