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Though they are undeniably useful, full-sized suitcases are not always the most practical choice for international and domestic travel. Many trips nowadays last only a few days thanks to the increased availability of cheap air and rail travel. From weekend getaways in Paris to business trips in Berlin, sometimes all you need is a change of clothes, a toothbrush, a phone charger and a book to read on the way, and when you're travelling so light you need luggage that is just the right size, looks great, and fits neatly into an overhead locker or under your train seat.

That is where small, lightweight suitcases and travel luggage come in handy. Sleek and stylish, with useful features and plenty of compartments to separate the necessities you'll need during your trip, specially designed cabin luggage is perfect for the weekend traveller and international businessman or businesswoman alike.


Most cabin luggage comes in the form of a small, lightweight suitcase, making it practical and easy to move. Four wheels are also often a common feature for this kind of luggage, allowing for smooth, multi-directional travel, which can come in very handy in crowded airports and train stations. A telescope handle allows for effortless control, and can be folded away during storage to minimise the space your luggage takes up, making it a favourite amongst travellers and cabin crew alike. More comfortable and stylish than a simple backpack or gym bag, modern cabin luggage is the hallmark of professional international travel.


In our online shop we offer a great range of cabin luggage and small suitcases in a variety of attractive styles at incredible prices. Take a look at our selection to find the luggage you need to make your next trip!